Bel Canto Voice Studio
(in the heart of Montreal, Quebec)

Louise Yard - Biography


From an early age, a love of music and singing has always been a vital part of my life. I sang Opera as a child in my teens and performed in concerts and TV appearances.

My ears were trained to Opera at home even before I studied privately and at McGill and Concordia Universities. I was fortunate to meet and study with the wonderful world-renowned Opera singer Huguette Tourangeau and her husband Barry Thompson who was the Managing Director of the Vancouver and Edmonton Opera, who taught me the golden rules of Bel Canto singing.

As I was learning this incredible Bel Canto technique I started to teach and found my niche – singing as well as teaching. I have been performing and teaching singers, actors and public speakers of all ages with this remarkable method for over twenty years. Results are apparent no matter what style or genre of music you choose, whether you simply sing for enjoyment or wish to make a career of it in classical, pop, jazz, or rock, etc.

This exceptional technique provided me also with the tools to address vocal problems as an incorrect training may unfortunately cause damages to the voice. There is scope for all singers (beginners, advanced or professional) as well as public speakers, actors, etc., to improve with this unique technique.